Thursday, 9 June 2011

Image Blottings & Baba

Back in school our ultra sophisticated physics teacher taught all 52 of us, bored Vth standard geeks, that images are an eventual effect of a little twist dance that light does and she had a complex sounding term for it too - reflection.

Talking about image, now 17 odd years later the realization is - the light created image be dammed! THE image that will make life livable or not-so-livable is what the Salmaan, Samosa & Sachin loving junta of the Indian Republic have about you; else-

Why is Anna’s fast an inspiring one and Baba’s a conspiring one!

When the Gandhian took to fasting against corruption, he was whole-heartedly hailed nationwide & beyond (after all potatoes & Indians are found all over the world.) We forwarded mails, put picture badges on our Facebook profiles, tweeted and retweeted like never before. The whole of India stood together like it was Cricket World Cup Finals! Then jumps Baba on the wagon – same agenda, same eStyle – but the result was far from the frenzy of world cup. It was like the IPL group matches – fizzed out support. No forwards or badges only video updates on his antics, thoughts & of course his financial status. And as on today his profile status stands – been there, blown that.     

We on the by-lanes of this apparent ‘second war of independence’ witness a simple fact - same goals not only require conviction, direction & all that everybody lectures you sick with while in 12th standard but also in-line image. Social images are a result of light emitted off actions as translated by the junta and the cache is ‘as translated by’ because the heeled Catwalk sandals you gift your girlfriend can ascertain a lovely evening but she may also ask - am that short!!! 

Image is what companies spend millions on and Image is what differentiates a scary eagle from a sweet pigeon!! And Image Manager is what Baba needs.       

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  1. its like comparing why Gandhiji was more popular then Lalalajpat rai, why bhagat singh was more then Raj guru etc. etc. I think we should respect there ultimate motives, i.e. to upbring new India. Both have there own way to achieve.
    for those who suspect Baba having political moves - Whats wrong if Baba ant to be in politics through righteous way? Does Politics always means for wrong people? And tell me which politician has observed fast for 6 long days without food & water to achieve there political motives. We Indian sahll never be deviated from main goal and that is "Fight Against Corruption" and not "BABA vs ANNA."